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The planet still bears scars from a time it submitted to foreign beings with malicious intent, but from those ashes rose heroes that fought for their freedom & the liberty of all. Generations have past since these events and the world is very different. The wonders of the past thrive in the tentative peace of the world with many hidden curiosities waiting to be found. This is the perfect climate for the nightmares to strike again, but also the right time for new heroes to rise.

Spark Notes on The Ninth World

  • ~3000 years ago, a powerful race called the Progenitors arrived on Earth
  • They first came as a peaceful people explaining that all previous religions and myths were based on their previous visits and influence.
  • The Progenitors offered cures and technology that would bring humanity to a time of peace unheard of in the history of the world. All they asked was to pledge allegiance to them.
  • Some accepted them as saviours while others wanted to keep their freedom
  • This hesitation became resistance which sparked rebellion and war
  • The Progenitors revealed their true purpose: to dominate the world and use the people as labourers and experimental guinea pigs while exploiting their resources.
  • Earth wasn’t the first world to become subject to the Progenitors. Legend has it that the Earth was the ninth and the previous eight worlds were sucked dry.
  • Part of the Progenitor’s plan was to reactivate Earth’s dormant magic and use it for their purposes.
  • The Progenitors had advanced technology and a foreign mastery of magic which led them to victory. Humans became slaves to the Progenitors for generations.
  • A later rebellion occurred which was successful for a few reasons:
    • the resistance’s gained access to Progenitor tech
    • newly created races became staunch allies against the Progenitors
    • some people developed the ability to wield magic
  • The Progenitors were destroyed, but their creations remained.
  • All the races agreed to a tenuous alliance which manifested itself in the foundation of the great city of Haven.

Home Page

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