The Gods


The Racial Pantheons
Although each race originated from humans, the races asserted themselves as distinct cultures, and in turn their belief systems also became distinct. Many of these racial faiths deal with the question of identity and purpose while either rejecting entirely or in some way dealing with the ones who created them.

  • Dwarves venerate ancestral heroes and legendary paragons.
    • Paragon Lerra Ulrin, warrior exemplar
    • Paragon Vartek Tinderbeard, architect exemplar
  • Elves worship the spirits of the earth, elements, and stars themselves.
    • The spirit of Ollivander Woods
    • The spirit of Fire
    • The spirit of Ursa Major
  • Saurians venerate Dragons who are believed to be long dormant.
    • The Sleeping Serpent
  • The Halflings don’t generally subscribe to any faith. Most have great faith in themselves and their communities while also, duly acknowledging the existence of greater powers. Those that are devout subscribe to other faiths.
    • The Bumblebutts have the best booze!
    • By the strength of my family, the Cragwranglers, you will perish!
  • Humans generally believe in a common pantheon with many household gods. There are some that put their faith in the Datasphere and the avatars that live within it.
    • Pelor (God of Light, Justice, and Community), Ioun (God of Invention), Melora (Goddes of Nature and the Sea)
    • Kelemvor (God of the Dead and Judge of Souls), Mystra (Goddess of Magic)
    • Bane (God of Destruction), Vecna (Goddes of the Secrets), Asmodeus (God of Tyranny)

The Datasphere
During the great war, there was an initiative that freed the internet from the control of the Progenitors. This came at a substantial cost: the lives of three brilliant rebellion leaders. Their essences still exists in what is now known as the Datasphere.
These essences/avatars are referred to as the “Triumvirate”:

  • Delphi: Knowledge/Secrets
  • The Games Machine: Order/Chaos
    ‎* Daedalus: Creation/Destruction
    The avatars can appear as a singular personality or a collection of voices like a Greek Chorus

The Elders
Powerful beings like Devils or creatures like Dragons that tap into a power that is either natural or mystical.

The Cult of the Progenitors
A cult of various peoples and races still venerate the Progenitors as deities. They’re goal is to revive them, reestablish their dominance, and in turn to gain favour with them.

The Gods

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