The Great City of Haven


  • Location: Eastern coast of Pax Republica
  • Position: Capital City
  • Currency: Gold
  • Government: Seat of The Nove (Council of Nine)
  • Population: ~200 000
  • Racial breakdown: 50% humans, 15% Elves, 20% Dwarves, 5% Halfing, 5% Saurian, 5% Tiefling and Half-orc

Haven is an iconic city; one that represents victory in unity, but also much more recently, represents a tarnishing of a dream. About 10% of the population are wealthy and consider themselves nobility while 60% consider themselves working class and 30% in poverty.
The city is built on the ruins of large modern-day city and built on top of its infrastructure. The city is home to a heavily defended citadel which houses the Seat of the Nove, many colleges and sources of knowledge, a radio station, and a large exchange of crafts and goods due to having the largest port on Pax Republica. Haven has fallen into disrepair over time, but still hints towards its past grandeur.

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The Great City of Haven

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